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The worst

I had to say goodbye to all my UNC friends today.

Goodbyes suck. Seriously.


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I get to sit next to strangers. Seriously. Best part (or worst, depending on whom your seat buddy is). I flew back from Tampa the other day, and sat next to this great old man. I’m pretty talkative, but I hate asking the first question because I don’t want to annoy people any more than I normally do. So he just started asking me all these questions and then, of course, I asked some as well. He talked about the “good old days” (always a topic of choice for older people) when he could run to the creek by his house and drink water from it. We talked about Scotland because he’d been there twice, and now I have a nice little list of places to visit thanks to him. He was a retired military man and he told me a story about how he had to go three or four days without water because his Army group had run out. Um, I’d die. Literally. I complain when I don’t have water for three or four hours. I’m weak. He rocks. And so does meeting complete strangers.

The best part was at baggage claim when I was yelling at my dad via my cell phone (that he pays for…hey thanks Dad) because I couldn’t find him. My seat buddy was with his family at the other end of the baggage claim, but he waved to me before he left and pointed me out to his family. Most people are afraid to show me to their families, so that was nice of him. I wish my dad had been there to meet him though, because he loves talking about the good old days as well.

Bye little kittens, I promise another post soon(ish).

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before Scotland

So, all in all a good summer. Bald Head Island, DC, random adventures to Walgreens to buy orange juice with Tyler Confoy, daily doses of Sutton’s. The list goes on. Here are a few photos that describe my summer

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Hello world

Hello buttercups. This is my new blog to record all of my European adventures. Sadly, I don’t leave for another month. Wamp wamp. But I thought I’d go ahead and create a blog now to figure out the little quirks, etc of wordpress. Hope you enjoy my posts (minus this one).

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